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The Trinidad & Tobago National Petroleum Marketing Company Limited is the most diversified petroleum marketing company in the English-speaking Caribbean.

NP Markets

  • Petroleum fuels
  • Lubricating Oils and Greases
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Compressed Natural Gas
  • Automotive Specialty Products

NP possesses the largest service station network in Trinidad   and Tobago.  From our Blending Plants come Lubricating Oils, Greases, Brake Fluid and Radiator Coolants.

We also deliver Marine bunkering and Aviation re-fuelling at our facilities in both Trinidad and Tobago and in Dominica

Our Subsidiary

Natpet Investments Company Limited operates an LPG filling plant on behalf of the parent company.

Natpet Investments Company Limited (Natpet) is a subsidiary of National Petroleum. The Company is run by a Board of Directors, a management team and approximately forty (40) employees. Its core business is filling and supplying 20lb and 100lb Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders to approximately fifty percent (50%) of the Trinidad market through eleven (11) contracted distributors. Additionally, Natpet tests and refurbishes these LPG cylinders. The Filling, Testing and Refurbishment plants are located on NP’s compound at Sea lots, Port of Spain. The Company has been in existence for about twenty years but its current plant was opened in 2004.

In 2009, Natpet diversified its product range with the manufacture and sale of specialized drums for making steelpans. Today, steelpans made from Natpet drums are used locally and exported all over the world to great acclaim.

Located on NP’s compound at National Drive, Sea Lots, NATPET is one of two Filling Plants in Trinidad with responsibilities for the following:

  • Bulk transportation of LPG from the refinery to our Filling Plant atSea Lots, Port of Spain.
  • Inspection of all cylinders entering and exiting the Filling Plant.
  • Filling of LPG cylinders for the Domestic Market.
  • Filling of sundry LPG cylinders (forklift, barbeque, etc); this service is provided on a walk-in basis at Natpet’s plant where customers may wait while their cylinders are filled and returned to them in minutes
  • Sales of LPG cylinders to authorised distributors in Trinidad.
  • Ensuring there is an adequate, reliable and safe supply of LPGavailable for the domestic market.

The distribution of LPG cylinders filled at NATPET’s Filling Plant, is supplied to the market by eleven (11) contract distributors. These contractors deliver LPG filled by NATPET throughout Trinidad.

NATPET is also responsible for the testing and refurbishing of 20lb and 100lb cylinders entering the Filling Plant.


NPAutomotive fuels and LPG are the largest contributors to our sales volumes. The fuels manufactured by the Petroleum Company of Trinidad & Tobago (PETROTRIN) are brought to NP’s main storage terminals at Sea Lots and Crown Point, Tobago by ocean tankers which ply between the refinery of Petrotrin at Pointe-a-Pierre and Maravan, Curaçao.

Our pier at Sea Lots is 210 meters long, with a draft of 6.6 meters. Deliveries of products to service stations and industrial customers are made by a fleet of road tank wagons (RTWs) operating from our Sea Lots and Crown Point terminals, or directly from the Pointe-a-Pierre refinery. We operate fleet accounts for approximately 50 percent of the deliveries to our service station network, and this is supported by contract transport. At the Piarco International Airport, Jet fuel is normally supplied via intermediate storage at Sea Lots, but may also be transported directly from the Pointe-a-Pierre refinery.

Aviation gasolene is delivered directly from the Pointe-a-Pierre refinery to storage at Piarco, where aircraft re-fuelling is done through our underground hydrant system. We also facilitate aero-lube sales at this facility.

Our Luboil Blending Plant

Our Plant, located at Sea Lots, has a blending capacity of 270,000 barrels per annum, from which it supplies the local and regional markets. There are five (5) blending kettles, (76,000 litres total), one automatic filling line for one litre and quart bottles; two (2) semi-automatic filling lines for One, Four and Five litre bottles; one Pail filling line and two (2) Drum filling lines.


In the face of streams of imported brands NP, continues to hold about 50 percent of market share in Automotive Lubricants. Our Marketing Department comprises teams of Retail Representatives with responsibility for our dealership and auto-shops, and Industrial Representatives who service the leading companies in the petroleum, petro-chemical, steel construction, and manufacturing sectors.

Our customers are facilitated further by the technical knowledge of our team of experienced and internationally trained Technical Service Representatives. A chain of Small Pack Automotive and Industrial Distributors supports this internal marketing network.


Since 1986, NP has established itself as a major producer of high-quality greases. Our main facilities include three (3) blending kettles and three (3) three-tonne storage hoppers. The local and Caribbean market is provided with drums, pails, cartridges, tubs and jars.


The wholesale/retail prices for gasolene, kerosene, auto diesel and LPG and the margins for both the Dealers and the Company are established by Pricing Orders under the Petroleum Act of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.

The elements of this price structure include ex-refinery price, excise duty, wholesale margin, retail margin, value added tax, road improvement tax and subsidy.


NP products, except fuels, can be found in territories such as Anguilla, Antigua, Barbados, Grenada, Guyana, Monsterrat, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent, Jamaica (NP blends for Petcom under the PACE brand), St. Maarten, Suriname, Tortola and Grenada.

Quality Assurance

Our NP range of products adheres to the strict, quality standards stipulated by the American Petroleum Institute (API), the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM). By adhering to these standards, National Petroleum ensures its products rank in performance with any established international brand.

Laboratory Technology

Our operations are conducted according to international laboratory accreditation requirements. We are registered with the Chevron-Texaco General Test Survey Programme and our laboratory is linked still further, across the Atlantic, to the Institute of Petroleum, London. The Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards calibrates measuring and test equipment used in our laboratory.

Compressed Natural Gas

CNG compressors and dispensing equipment are installed at ten (10) NP flagged stations. BP Trinidad & Tobago LLC owns and operates the sole station outside of the network at Galeota. Plans are afoot to increase the service network.

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