Trinidad and Tobago has an extraordinary, vast and diverse pool of cultural heritage as our unique festival and artforms (music and pan) carry a special and well-deserved respect in the eyes of all nationals. In fact, our Carnival festivities have long been regarded as the epitome of creativity and a symbol of cultural expression.

Preserving our Cultural Heritage: 

Supporting Junior Panorama &Unsponsored Steelbands

For this reason, NPMC’s efforts to preserve our cultural heritage have gained new momentum as the Company continues to givestrong financial support to the Junior Panorama Championship in addition to giving financial aid to equip several unsponsored steelbands with banners and t-shirts for the competition.

Funding for cultural initiatives such as these is critical to the nation’s economic development through tourism, and as a responsible corporate citizen, NPMC feels compelled to ensure that the tradition and modernity of the culture is passed on to future generations with the required amounts of energy and passion, so that we can do our part to conserve the world’s most outstanding festival.

NPMC is proud to support the Pan in Schools Co-ordinating Council’s (PSCC) Vacation Programme which has been in existence for more than fifteen (15) years. After having conducted a needs assessment with educators across Trinidad and Tobago, the PSCC’s focus has been on harnessing the skills and developing the talents of marginalised youths in many communities through various programmes in Panorama Arranging and CSEC Music Composition.

This PSCC’s Vacation Programmehas produced many success stories inseveral communities and many participants have returned to their schools and youth groups as trainees, essentially passing on the skills acquired to their classmates, under the supervision of their teachers. Additionally, upon completing the workshops participants leave with a portfolio of their work and continue to develop their music using software to record their arrangements and compositions which are submitted as components of their CSEC Music Examinations.

As a proud sponsor, this initiative allows the NPMC to support the preservation of our culture for future generations and the success of this venture allows at-risk youth to develop practical skills that can be honed and nurtured into entrepreneurial skills.

NPMC Service Stations and the 24/7convenience of our Quikshoppes are the most prominent public representation of the fuels industry. The NPMC brand is synonymous with Service Stations given its ownership of over eighty (80) Service Stations and partnerships with over thirty-five (35) private owners who have selected NP as their preferred wholesaler throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

In July 2018, the Trinidad & Tobago National Petroleum Marketing Company Limited (NP) was certified by the Trinidad & Tobago Bureau of Standards (TTBS) to receive ISO 9001:2015 Certification, a momentous demonstration of our dedication to product and service quality.