Fuelling The Future Through Music Literacy

Over the years the Trinidad & Tobago National Petroleum Marketing Company Limited (NP) has had an ongoing commitment to the development of the people and the culture of this country. However, among the many endeavours in which the Company has been involved, we are particularly proud of the NP Music Literacy Programme, the goal of which is to provide an avenue where the youth in the Port of Spain area could focus on music literacy and personal development. We have been able to achieve these goals through the introduction of level 1 music exams and formal life skills training by an external facilitator for these students.

It has been established that adolescents found that they benefitted from the shared experience of music making and expression, because it allowed them to become empowered and “become active participants in creating their own safe environment” from traumatic life experiences. Research has also shown that the study of music increases academic achievement in several aspects, including language writing skills. This seems to support the idea that the development of music and language literacy in our students may mutually reinforce each other.

As a responsible corporate citizen, NP has had a longstanding relationship supporting cultural activities on a national scope throughout the calendar year. In particular we have had an enduring relationship with the steel band fraternity as our subsidiary NATPET supplies to the steel band fraternity specially gauged steel drums specific to the demands of pan tuners. Moreover, we continue to support a large number of unsponsored steel bands during the annual Carnival celebrations.

NP Pan students