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Natpet Investments Company Limited (Natpet) is a subsidiary of National Petroleum. The Company is run by a Board of Directors, a management team and approximately forty (40) employees. Its core business is filling and supplying 20lb and 100lb Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders to approximately fifty percent (50%) of the Trinidad market through eleven (11) contracted distributors. Additionally, Natpet tests and refurbishes these LPG cylinders. The Filling, Testing and Refurbishment plants are located on NP’s compound at Sea lots, Port of Spain. The Company has been in existence for about twenty years but its current plant was opened in 2004.

In 2009, Natpet diversified its product range with the manufacture and sale of specialized drums for making steelpans. Today, steelpans made from Natpet drums are used locally and exported all over the world to great acclaim.

Located on NP’s compound at National Drive, Sea Lots, NATPET is one of two Filling Plants in Trinidad with responsibilities for the following:

The distribution of LPG cylinders filled at NATPET’s Filling Plant, is supplied to the market by eleven (11) contract distributors. These contractors deliver LPG filled by NATPET throughout Trinidad.

NATPET is also responsible for the testing and refurbishing of 20lb and 100lb cylinders entering the Filling Plant.

Safety Tips

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NP’s newly-branded LPG tanks (click to enlarge)

List of 100LB Cylinder Contractors & Distributors

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