NP Bearing Grease HTM


NP Bearing Grease HTMis an inorganic clay-based grease incorporating molybdenum disulphide for use in plain and roller bearings operating at temperatures and loads higher than those at which conventional soap-based greases can be used satisfactorily.


Main Application

NP Bearing Grease HTM is designed for use in cane crusher and grinding mill bearings. It is also suitable for low speed, heavily loaded bearings operating at temperatures up to 200°C.

Typical Properties

Base Bentonite Clay
NLGI Grade 2
Worked Penetration (1/10 mm) ASTM D217 265-295
Dropping Point, oC ASTM D566 Above 250

Health and Safety

NP Bearing Grease HTM is unlikely to pose any health or safety hazards when used in the recommended applications, provided good standards of personal and industrial hygiene are observed. Please refer to Material data Sheet (MSDS) for further information.
Revision Date 10/06/09