NP Cylinder Oil J


NP Cylinder Oil J lubricants are manufactured from premium quality hydro-treated base oils. It is primarily designed for natural gas compressors cylinder lubrication, and can be recommended for use in steam cylinders, where high temperatures, high pressures and wet gases may be encountered, and where carbon formation is a critical factor which can prevent reliable operation.The use of NP Cylinder Oil J results in:

  • Good thermal stability.
  • Ease of atomization.
  • Adequate wetting ability required for effective natural gas and steam cylinder lubrication.
  • Excellent performance for certain slow running gears at normal loads, and especially suited for worm gears requiring high viscosity oils.


The use of NP Cylinder Oil J 220, 460 and 680 grades would result in:

  • Protection against excessive ring and bore wear.
  • Prevention of steam leakage past valves, pistons and glands in steam engine cylinders.
  • Effective lubrication of valves and valve gear.


Main Applications

  • Applications where high viscosity compounded oils are recommended, e.g. natural gas compressor cylinders operating under wet gas conditions.
  • Steam engine cylinder lubrication under high temperature and pressure conditions where low carbon formation is important.
  • In slow running gears that are operating at normal loads.
  • Worm gears requiring high viscosity oils.

Typical Properties

ISO Viscosity Grade 220 460 680
Kin. Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt ASTM D445 220 460 680
Kin. Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt ASTM D445 19 31 37
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 97 97 89
Specific Gravity @60/60 °F ASTM D1298 .8882 .8953 .9125
Pour Point, °C ASTM D97 -6 -6 -6
Closed Flash Point, oC ASTM D 93 262 284 286

Health and Safety

NP Cylinder Oil J is unlikely to pose any health or safety hazards when used in the recommended applications, provided good standards of personal and industrial hygiene are observed. Please refer to Material data Sheet (MSDS) for further information.
Revision Date 10/06/09