NP Soluble Oil A


NP Soluble Oil A is emulsifiable cutting oil,which when mixed with water forms a highly stable dense white emulsion having very good anti-corrosion properties. When appropriately used in cutting operations; tool life is significantly enhanced and superior metal surface finishes are achieved.



NP Soluble Oil A can be used for the majority of general machining processes, using more common materials.


For general machining operations water-to-oil ratios of between 25:1 and 35: 1 are recommended and for grinding operations dilution ratios of between 35:1 and 50: 1 should be used.


NP Soluble Oil A will tolerate wide variations in water quality and most mains waters can be used without pre­treatment. Exceptionally hard waters should be softened to achieve best results, since the hardness salts present could contribute to emulsion instability and deterioration in the corrosion protection normally achieved with emulsion of NP Soluble Oil A.


Where possible emulsion of NP Soluble Oil A should be prepared in a separate mixing tank rather than in the machine tool. A measure quantity of the mixture stirred gently until all the oil has been added and a uniform emulsion obtained. Alternatively proprietary mixing devices which draw a metered flow of oil into a water stream may be used.


NP Soluble Oil A should be stored under cover avoiding extremes of temperature. Packages should be kept sealed when not in use.

Health and Safety

Please refer to Material data Sheet (MSDS) for further information.