Ultra Bar & Chain Oil is manufactured from premium quality hydro-treated base oils and contains a tackiness additive which both reduced wear and lowers oil usage. It is designed to give optimum protection and lubrication for chainsaw bars and chains.

It is recommended for use in all types of chain saws using either hand operated or automatic chain oilers to lubricate the chain, bar, and sprocket.

Other possible uses include chain drives on straddle lift lumber carriers and motorcycle chains, as well as lawn mowers and farm equipment.

The use of Ultra Bar & Chain Oil results in:

  • Reduced wear — minimize wear for the chain, bar, and sprocket.
  • Tackiness — the increased tackiness additive keeps the oil on the chain and prevents sling-off when the chain is traveling at high speeds resulting in less waste and reduced consumption
  • Prevents gum formation on chains and guides.

Retail Fuel Prices (December 2020)

Retail Fuel Prices (December 2020)