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NPMC Service Stations and the 24/7convenience of our QuikShoppe are the most prominent public representation of the fuels industry. The NPMC brand is synonymous with Service Stations given its ownership of over eighty (80) Service Stations and partnerships with over thirty-five (35) private owners who have selected NP as their preferred wholesaler throughout Trinidad and Tobago.


The wholesale/retail prices for gasoline, kerosene, auto diesel and LPG and the margins for both the Dealers and the Company are established by Pricing Orders under the Petroleum Act of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. The elements of this price structure include ex-refinery price, excise duty, wholesale margin, retail margin, value added tax, road improvement tax and subsidy.


Under NPMC’s transformation programme, Service Stations are being fully upgraded offering multi-product fuelling positions, larger storage capacities, environmental monitoring systems, state-of-the-art technology, including the migration to Europay, Mastercard and Visa (EMV) compliance with the introduction of the chip-card technology on the dispensers, and improved Customer Service.


In June 1991 as part of its export thrust, NPMC commissioned in Dominica, its first overseas bulk storage facility and its first service station outside of Trinidad and Tobago. Today there are four (4) additional dealer-owned stations, a bulk terminal facility, as well as monopolised aviation refuelling services at both Melville Hall and Canefield Airports in Dominica.


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Recognising that harnessing new technology can boost our efficiency and drive better performance overall, in keeping with the industry standards and regulations, NPMC adopted a Veederoot system at our Service Stations which allows for leak detection, inventory reconciliation, monitoring of the tanks and pressure on the lines. This system is revolutionising monitoring and maintenance, as it allows for predictive maintenance and has proven its value in the form of reduced operating costs and increased efficiency.

Furthermore, NPMC’s strategic move from single-product dispensers to multiple-product dispensers equipped with filterswhich provide unsurpassed cleanliness in one single pass, is another aspect of the most advanced technology being adopted.  Notably, NPMC was first to market with pay-at-the-pump options for our customers and has welcomedprovisions for the expansion of self-service technology.


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In February 2019 NPMC began the implementation of its fuel verification programme in collaboration with the Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards (TTBS), whereby the TTBS will verify the measurement of fuel provided at each NPMC Service Station. This initiative is a testament to NPMC’s continued commitment to exceed customer expectations, since even prior to this TTBS initiative, NPMC has always carefully calibrated its pumps every three months, beyond the recommended six-month standard, to ensure that customers continue to get their money’s worth at the pump.


Each vehicle in the fleet will be assigned a card and the vehicle operator will be responsible for the card. The Fleet Card is encoded with the limit for the vehicle’s gas or maintenance budget and must be tendered each time the vehicle goes for fuel the designated establishment. Your fleet expenses are therefore controlled at the point of purchase and more efficiently managed.

This system also allows you to analyse fleet performance, as well as use data to assist with future purchase decisions.

It is no longer necessary to give drivers cash or vouchers, nor will your accounting staff need to sort through bills to ensure that expenses are accurately allocated by vehicle. We also settle with the suppliers on your behalf. We provide you with a variety of Management Reports indicating cost by vehicle, and at the same time isolating vehicles with unusually high cost.

With this system your staff can go back to doing your core business, while we take care of fleet management for you.

As all transactions are electronically tracked and controlled, the system will assist in identifying suspicious transactions. Through our reporting system, you can identify where and when purchases were made, allowing you to take immediate follow-up action.

The Fleet Cards can be accepted at most gas stations and parts suppliers. You will also find, too that suppliers like the system mainly because they get paid sooner. We therefore do not interfere with your existing business relationships; we only make them better.

For more information on the Fleet Card please contact the Scotiabank Corporate Banking Centre at
625-3566 or the following branches at 627-2684:



In 2008, the Government announced its intention to increase the availability of CNG to consumers and in 1992, NPMC commissioned outlets for the sale of “environmentally-friendly” Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).  The cleanest burning alternative fuel, CNG is safe, economical and is readily available at NPMC Service Stations. However, the marketing of CNG is now the remit of NGC CNG. CNG Service stations listing below;


NP Diego Martin, next to Starlite Shopping Plaza

NP St Christopher’s, Wrightson Rd, POS

NP Beetham Highway, POS

NP Cyrus Rd., El Socorro

NP facility at City Gate for PTSC only


NP Orange Grove, Trincity

NP Tumpuna Rd, Arima


NP Chaguanas, Main Rd., Chaguanas


  • NP Carrousel, Mon Repos
  • NP Rushworth St, San Fernando
  • NP Point Fortin


Compressed Natural Gas



NP Dominica was launched in 1991 with the establishment of Jet A1 services at the Canefield Airport. Wholly owned by parent Company Trinidad & Tobago National Petroleum Marketing Company Limited (NPMC) the Company has since expanded and currently comprises and operates:

NP Dominica

For more than 25 years, NP Dominica has built a tradition of excellence in providing its customers with reliable and consistent service. In addition to the sale of white fuels and lubricants at the Service Stations and Bulk Facility, the Dominica Branch provides a monopoly service selling Jet fuel to the two airports at Canefield Airport and the Melville Hall Airport.

As part of its ongoing investment in Dominica, in 2015 the Company upgraded its Lindo Park Service Station, outfitting it with new dispensers on the forecourt and all new piping and electrical systems throughout the site, and has other sites earmarked for upgrade and expansion in the future.

As the Company continues to advance, expected improvements at the sites include increased fuelling positions, faster transactions, increased payment options at the pumps and the refreshing of the convenience store. Indeed, over its more than twenty-five (25) year history in Dominica, NPMC has seen an expansion in its operations and is well positioned to continue to strengthen its presence as a significant player in the Dominican market.


  • Amin Ghany

    Eastern Main Road, Curepe.

    Phone: 123456789

  • Apache S/Station

    Claxton Bay

    Phone: 123456789

  • ASSAR, Munroe Road

    ASSAR Service Station

    ASSAR, Munroe Road

    Phone: 236-7058

  • Balfour Filling Station

    Plymouth, Tobago.

    Phone: 123456789

  • C. Quan Young

    Naparima/Mayaro Rd., New Grant

    Phone: 123546789

  • Cedros Fishing Co-op

    Bonasse Village, Cedros

    Phone: 123456789

  • Cedros Fishing Co-op

    Bonasse Village, Cedros

    Phone: 123546789

  • D. Redman Service Station

    O’Meara Road, Arima.

    Phone: 123456789

  • Farzan Mohammed


    Phone: 123456789

  • Gobin & Dassie Persaud

    Fanny Village, Point Fortin

    Phone: 123456789

  • H.S. (Ravi) Maharaj

    High Street, Princes Town

    Phone: 123456789

  • Hosang’s Service Station

    Western Main Road, Carenage.

    Phone: 123456789

  • Island Property Owners Association

    Staubles Bay, Chaguaramas.

    Phone: 123456789

  • Ivor Alfred S/S

    Icacos, Cedros

    Phone: 123456789

  • K. Johnston & Company (1964) Limited

    Charlotte Street, P.O.S.

    Phone: 123456789

  • Leela Bhagwat

    Tenth Avenue, Barataria.

    Phone: 123456789

  • Lynn Ferreira S/S

    Auchenkeosch Road, Tobago.

    Phone: 123456789

  • M. Roopnarine


    Phone: 123456789

  • N. Edoo

    Guapo/Cap-de-Ville Road. Point Fortin

    Phone: 123456789

  • Now TREBRO Holdings

    San Fernando

    Phone: 123456789

  • NP La Brea

    Chinese Village Rousillac, La Brea.

    Phone: 123456789

  • NPMC D’Abadie

    Roopnarines' Service Station Limited

    Eastern Main Road, D’Abadie.

    Phone: 642-3186

  • NPMC El Socorro

    Cyrus Road Gas Station Limited

    Cyrus Road Gas Station Limited

    Phone: 320-1831

  • NPMC Maracas

    Maracas Service Station

    Maracas Bay

    Phone: 669-8820

  • NPMC Orange Hill

    Orange Hill Road, Scarborough.

    Phone: 123456789

  • NPMC Rich Plain

    Rich Plain, Diego Martin.

    Phone: 123456789

  • NPMC Roxborough

    Roxborough Main Road, Tobago

    Phone: 123456789

  • NPMC Tacarigua

    Kasan Jay Enterprises Limited

    NPMC Tacarigua , Eastern Main Road

    Phone: 640-9588

  • NPMC Trial Street

    Newserv Company Limited - Trial Street

    NPMC Trial Street

    Phone: 220-3750

  • P. Gordon


    Phone: 123456789

  • Piarco Airfield Filling Station

    Piarco Airfield Filling Station .

    Phone: 123456789

  • Power Boats Mutual Facility Limited


    Phone: 123456879

  • R. Mohammed S/S

    Southern Main Rd, Guapo.

    Phone: 123456789

  • Rahamut’s Limited

    Claxton Bay

    Phone: 123456789

  • Rahamut’s S/S Limited


    Phone: 123456789

  • Ranadaan Ltd

    Canaan, Tobago

    Phone: 123456789

  • S. Sobrian


    Phone: 123456789

  • San Fernando Yacht Club


    Phone: 123456789

  • St. Christopher’s Taxi Coop

    St. Christopher's Taxi Co-op Society Limited

    Wrightson Road, P.O.S.

    Phone: 225-4545 / 279-3247

  • Tobago Fishing Co-op

    Charlotteville, Tobago.

    Phone: 123456789

  • Tobago Taxi Co-op

    Milford Road, Tobago.

    Phone: 123456789

  • Trinidad Yacht Club

    Bayshore, Chaguaramas.

    Phone: 123456789

  • W. Austin S/S

    St. Marie’s Village, Cedros

    Phone: 123456789

  • W. Austin S/S

    St. Marie’s Village, Cedros

    Phone: 123456789