Technical Support

To Customers

Support for Industrial and Retail customers as well as Industrial and Retail Sales personnel Advice on the use of appropriate lubricants and equipment such as diesel engines or natural gas engines to maximize the lifetime and efficiency of the oils and respective equipment.

Equipment Lubrication Problem Resoultion

  • Address customer queries
  • Failure Analysis
  • Conduct Lubrication Surveys and Audits
  • Recommendations for NP oils of equivalent grades and quality.

Education services

Education Services

  • Conduct Presentations.
  • Conduct Lubrication/ Fuel training seminars for customers’ personnel.
  • Conduct Aviation Training Seminars on Fuel Storage and Handling Best Practices

After sales services

After Sales Services

  • Used Oil Analysis
  • Contamination assessments
  • Oil conditioning monitoring to evaluate the health of the oil and the equipment

Information Services

Information Services

  • Provide Data Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Other customer information for NPMC ‘s products.