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Our 50 Years Of Service

Its not always about how fast we get there, sometimes what’s more important is how much we can achieve, how high we can climb, or how far we can go, and though our destinations may differ, we are all bound by a common element and we are all interested in going further and in being better. As we strive to achieve even higher standards than the ones we’ve already set, it’s important to recognise that we are the sole determinant of our own success; that all we need is already here at home. 

Commissioned outlets for sales of “environmentally friendly” compressed natural gas or CNG. CNG is now the remit of NGC CNG.

Introduced the marketing of Unleaded Gasoline to meet the demands of motorists who purchased vehicles fitted with fuel-injected engines.

Launched first 24-hour convenience store brand – Quikshoppe

Government’s announcement to increase the availability of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

ISO 9001-2015 Standard Acquired. State-of-the-art CFT Automated Filling Line commissioned for filling of 5 Gallon, 5 Litre and 1 American Gallon bottles of Ultra Lubricants greatly increased the production capacity and efficiency of the Plant.

QuikShoppe Mini brand Introduced. Acquired the assets for the Liquid Fuels Company of Trinidad and Tobago NP Bunkering brand introduced.

STOW Certification Acquired.

Introducing the

Next Generation
Of Petroleum

By land, sea and air, our passion is to get better every day in every way. The Trinidad & Tobago National Petroleum Marketing Company Limited is the most diversified petroleum marketing company in the English-speaking Caribbean.
Manzanilla with NP truck


To provide quality petroleum products and ancillary services in the markets we serve. 


To be an established regional enterprise with a trusted brand of world class fuels and lubricants backed by excellent service.



We will defend what is right and are guided by the principles of trust, fairness, honesty and abide by our code of conduct and ethics.

We willingly assist team members and will seek the interest of the team and embrace our roles to be positive and deliver consistently.

We will take ownership of customer issues as they arise with a view to assisting customers and take responsibility for consistent customer service delivery.

We will communicate and act in a dignified, courteous manner with our team members and other stakeholders and are willing to accept different points of view.

We will continuously deliver, meet commitments and produce work to the agreed standards.

We are optimistic and will go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver consistently and with excellence and we promote a positive, energising work environment.



We challenge conventional thinking and seek innovative ways of expanding our offerings in both the local and regional markets and explore avenues for Service Station expansion, bunkering and other new business opportunities locally and in the region.

We act with the highest standards of integrity to empower employees to develop a corporate wide performance-based culture aligned to our growth strategy that will usher in increased employee engagement, improved competency and capability development and embedding a safety culture.

We place our customers and stakeholders at the centre of our business to develop a strong and mutually beneficial and enhance our customer satisfaction rating and strengthen our dealer/distributor relationship.

We apply new approaches and explore seek out fresh, diverse perspectives to strengthen and improve performance in core processes with the goal of giving priority to those processes that directly impact performance in key strategic areas such as improving overall business efficiency and growth, delivering on value proposition attributes of availability and quality and supporting market expansion plans.

We build stronger relationships with our markets and reconfigure our Brand and Marketing strategy to improve our brand position in the market while expanding across the CARICOM market and embed a culture of loyalty among the markets we serve.

We support innovation for the purpose of process improvement by adopting the widespread application of modern ICT/IS solutions through the ongoing redesign and upgrade of our IT/IS infrastructure to support business efficiency, business process reengineering and business intelligence reporting and decision making.

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Retail Fuel Prices (December 2020)

  • Premium Unleaded - $5.75 per litre
  • Super Unleaded - $4.97 per litre
  • Diesel - $3.41 per litre

Retail Fuel Prices (December 2020)

  • Premium Unleaded - $5.75 per litre
  • Super Unleaded - $4.97 per litre
  • Diesel - $3.41 per litre