A delegation of fifteen (15) Trinidad and Tobago companies including NP joined with the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association (TTMA) from April 17 – 21 2018 in Jamaica, for what proved to be a valuable trade mission which exposed delegates to the potential market, consumer trends and networking opportunities.


Led by Norris Herbert, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Trade and Industry and Mr. Christopher Alcazar, President TTMA, the key goals for the mission were to focus on building closer ties with the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC) and the Trinidad and Tobago High Commission in Jamaica and to strengthen and increase the bilateral trade relations between Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago.


With the goal of exploring and developing plans for collaboration as well as to develop on-the-ground pilot projects indicated by the Lubricant Business Unit and potential strategic partners in Jamaica, Ultra’s involvement was to gain a clearer understanding of the Jamaica market and opportunities that may be available for growth.

Motivated by the desire to change negative perceptions and the negative portrayals of their school on social media, students from the St. Dominic’s Children’s Home and twenty (20) students of the Barataria North Secondary School jumped at the opportunity to use their newfound skills acquired from an NPMC-sponsored six (6) week Barbering programme at the home/school, to give free haircuts to the residents of the Memisa Centre in Arima. Trained in basic barbering techniques by Donald James, of the Professional Barbering School, the students all eagerly embraced the opportunity to give back to those in need.

Barbering Programme Supports Students in making a CLEAN CUT.

Recognising that some students thrive outside of the classroom environment, NPMC sought to collaborate with the schools through this Barbering Programme to give the students a taste of life outside of the classroom and allow them to bridge the gap between education and future employment. The success of this venture has opened the door for a wider Company-sponsored programme that will inspire and deliver practical skills to youth who are motivated by learning that’s linked to an occupation and real experiences.

Performing Together in Harmony

Creativity once again took centre stage, when for three-year period, NPMC hosted over 150 campers from the Beetham, Sea Lots and Laventille community gathered at the Russel Latapy Government Secondary School (year 1) and the Laventille Community Complex to participate in the annual Fuelling the Arts Vacation Camp which took place in July each year. The three-week performing arts camp, which catered for first formers, promoted a culture of creativity through several engaging activities.

An extension of NPMC’s Corporate Socially Responsible initiative, the camp was a supervised programme that immersed the campers in a unique hands-on learning environment which integrated essential life skills. The life skills activities, a huge component of the camp each year, are designed to enrich the campers’ skills and attitudes to face certain issues in the future as they are taught how to handle their emotions and different feelings, develop self-confidence, gain emotional intelligence and demonstrate positive behaviour towards their families, friends and classmates.

Among the many fun-filled offerings at the camp each year were dance, theatre, spoken word, fashion, jewellery design, drumming, music, singing and sports. In reflecting on the Camp’s success, NPMC appealed to the many parents /guardians to continue inspiring the campers by reminding them of their capabilities and motivating them to continue to use their talents, abilities and skills in ways that were both personally fulfilling, and have a positive impact on others and the society at large.

At NPMC, caring is embedded in our work and our culture and the Company has been a mainstay in supporting educational initiatives for the past four decades. In recent times, NPMC has been proudly fuelling good in our communities, particularly through sponsorship of the University of the West Indies’ (UWI) Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Awards.

NPMCis honoured to sponsor one of the most prestigious events on the Faculty’s calendar every October as the annual awards ceremony continues to be a long-standing tradition of honouring the diversity and success of the University’s students whose achievements are a source of inspiration to the UWI community.

With the help of the appealing cartoon character, Cylvester Cylinder, the NP Gas LPG School Safety Caravan was launched on April 19th, 2019.

A socially responsible initiative of the Trinidad & Tobago National Petroleum Marketing Company Limited’s (NPMC) new LPG (cooking gas) brand, NP Gas, the caravan makes its way to primary schools across Trinidad and Tobago and adopts engaging ways to teach primary school students the importance of using LPG and LPG cylinders safely.

The initiative is part of a wide-scale safety awareness campaign that will reach all schools and incorporates safety tips and demonstrations in addition to an informative activity booklet that’s distributed to the students, to ensure safe practices are understood and reinforced.

As a responsible corporate citizen, the NP Gas sees this as an opportunity to build new and deeper community network as it responds to the growing needs and concerns of a range of stakeholders.

For the first time ever on October 8th, 2019, Ultra Lubricants in conjunction with the Vehicle Management Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (VMCOTT) kicked off their initiative offering NGOs and charities free oil and filter changes as well as 40-point vehicle inspections and complimentary car washes.

Change for Better; Charity Oil Change

Being aware of the challenges these institutions face in maintaining their daily operations, NPMC spearheaded this initiative to help several organisations including Birdsong, Rainbow Rescue, Goodwill Industries, the Lady Hochoy Home, the Cotton Tree Foundation, the Loveuntil Foundation and the T&T Coalition Against Domestic Violence just to name a few.

Ultra Lubricants is honoured to be able to support the efforts of those who work tirelessly to improve the quality of life of some of our nation’s most vulnerable citizens, sincethe funds saved through this initiative allows the organisations to reallocate funds to other necessities.

Trinidad and Tobago has an extraordinary, vast and diverse pool of cultural heritage as our unique festival and artforms (music and pan) carry a special and well-deserved respect in the eyes of all nationals. In fact, our Carnival festivities have long been regarded as the epitome of creativity and a symbol of cultural expression.

Preserving our Cultural Heritage: 

Supporting Junior Panorama &Unsponsored Steelbands

For this reason, NPMC’s efforts to preserve our cultural heritage have gained new momentum as the Company continues to givestrong financial support to the Junior Panorama Championship in addition to giving financial aid to equip several unsponsored steelbands with banners and t-shirts for the competition.

Funding for cultural initiatives such as these is critical to the nation’s economic development through tourism, and as a responsible corporate citizen, NPMC feels compelled to ensure that the tradition and modernity of the culture is passed on to future generations with the required amounts of energy and passion, so that we can do our part to conserve the world’s most outstanding festival.

NPMC is proud to support the Pan in Schools Co-ordinating Council’s (PSCC) Vacation Programme which has been in existence for more than fifteen (15) years. After having conducted a needs assessment with educators across Trinidad and Tobago, the PSCC’s focus has been on harnessing the skills and developing the talents of marginalised youths in many communities through various programmes in Panorama Arranging and CSEC Music Composition.

This PSCC’s Vacation Programmehas produced many success stories inseveral communities and many participants have returned to their schools and youth groups as trainees, essentially passing on the skills acquired to their classmates, under the supervision of their teachers. Additionally, upon completing the workshops participants leave with a portfolio of their work and continue to develop their music using software to record their arrangements and compositions which are submitted as components of their CSEC Music Examinations.

As a proud sponsor, this initiative allows the NPMC to support the preservation of our culture for future generations and the success of this venture allows at-risk youth to develop practical skills that can be honed and nurtured into entrepreneurial skills.

NPMC Service Stations and the 24/7convenience of our Quikshoppes are the most prominent public representation of the fuels industry. The NPMC brand is synonymous with Service Stations given its ownership of over eighty (80) Service Stations and partnerships with over thirty-five (35) private owners who have selected NP as their preferred wholesaler throughout Trinidad and Tobago.