With the confirmation of cases of COVID-19 locally, the Trinidad & Tobago National Petroleum Marketing Company Limited (NP) wishes to assure the national community that the Company has a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and
contingency measures in place to ensure the sustainability of our supply chain. NP will activate these as appropriate to meet the needs of our customers and partners.
As the COVID-19 crisis situation continues to evolve, NP understands the vital role our services play in the communities we serve and NP’s BCP was developed with a view to minimising disruptions and/or mitigating the impact, if a disruption occurs.These contingency measures include but are not limited to the following:

Service Stations

  • Service Stations have been operating with heightened attention to actions like store cleaning and more frequent handwashing.
  • The distribution of disposable plastic gloves to every Service Station for dispensing fuel, has begun and NP will continue to support the Dealers’ efforts in continuing this practice.
  • Dealers are encouraged to have available hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes for use by staff and customers, while ensuring that bathrooms are equipped with running water, soap and other necessities.
  • Customer information and updates will be shared through various
    channels including our website and social media platforms.

Work Areas Disinfected

  • QuikShoppes are being cleaned daily, including use of sanitizing solutions in high-touch areas e.g. credit-card terminals / pin pads, ATM keypads, counters, and shelves when restocking products in high-traffic areas.
  • Hand-sanitizing dispensers and touchless hand sanitizer dispensers have been ordered to replace manual ones will be installed in certain areas.
  • Dealers have been informed that restrooms should be sanitized more frequently (and restocked with soap, paper towels and hand sanitizer), hand sanitizer should be placed at cashier stations, and foodservice counters, baskets and other equipment should be sanitized.

COVID-19 Testing and Quarantines

  • NP continues to closely monitor all developments related to the
    coronavirus and is prepared to adjust our operations and procedures as needed to ensure the health and well-being of our customers and team members.
  • We are in constant communication with our Dealers and Distributors / Contractors, stressing the importance of ensuring that Service Station and other employees stay at home if they are not feeling well, encouraging them to seek medical care immediately, if they have any signs or symptoms.

Domestic and International Travel Restricted

  • With immediate effect, the Company has restricted all non-essential air travel for employees and has cancelled its in-person participation at Corporate events and Conferences.
  • As an immediate measure, the Company will leverage technology through the use of live-streamed or remote sessions and would replace in-person gatherings and meetings with virtual ones, where necessary.

Teleworking & Split-Shift Working Arrangements

  • NP’s current staffing levels allow for critical positions at NP to have overlapping coverage by one or more employees.
  • As/if required, NP can introduce a split-operations (split-shift) working arrangement whereby half of the employees can be stationed at the Office, while the other half work remotely (work from home), allowing the operations to continue with little or no disruption.
  • NP’s Information Technology infrastructure has the capability of delivering our services with a significant portion of the workforce working remotely.


  • NP is working closely with our suppliers to ensure the availability of high-demand items, such as hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes,
    antibacterial hand soap and cleaning supplies for all our stores to help combat the spread of germs.
  • Store cleaning protocols have been adjusted, proper sanitation
    procedures were reiterated, and cleaning cycles have also increased.
  • Individuals customers are encouraged to take the necessary steps to
    prevent the spread of germs as well.
  • We urge all customers to take the necessary precautions to stay safe
    and follow the advice of health officials.

NP Gas LPG Cylinders

  • Distributors / Authorized Contractors will take the appropriate
    precautions before entering homes and businesses.
  • Guidance and training on respecting personal space and maintaining appropriate social distances (a 6-foot distance and not shaking hands) will be provided.
  • Distributors of 20lb cylinders will wear protective gloves and other
    protective gear, and Distributor employees exhibiting flu-like signs or symptoms will not be allowed to participate in the delivery process.
  • As part of its response, the Company has taken these measures to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19 while maintaining critical operations and will continue to monitor the situation and meet regularly to adjust our BCP as needed, to limit disruption to the national community.
  • In the face of this crisis NP wished to give the assurance that we can meet the fuel distribution needs of the Country in a timely manner and ensure the reliable and continuous supply of liquid fuels, aviation fuel and cooking gas to the local market.

Retail Fuel Prices (December 2020)

  • Premium Unleaded - $5.75 per litre
  • Super Unleaded - $4.97 per litre
  • Diesel - $3.41 per litre

Retail Fuel Prices (December 2020)

  • Premium Unleaded - $5.75 per litre
  • Super Unleaded - $4.97 per litre
  • Diesel - $3.41 per litre