Performance Rating: General Motors Dexron VI, Ford Mercon LV, SP

“Smooth Drive Technology” represents the latest technology in fully synthetic automatic transmission fluids. This ATF is designed for the newest generation of highly efficient transmissions now installed in most vehicles.

Main Applications

Suitable for most North American, European and Japanese vehicles such as Mitsubishi, Toyota/Lexus/Scion WS, Nissan Matic J and Matic S, Ford part numbers XT-10-QLV and XT-6-QSP, Honda/Acura Z-1 and DW-1, and Hyundai SP-IV and other imported vehicles.

Road Benefit

  • Extended fluid life allowing longer drain intervals twice that of Dexron III H
  • Maximizes the life of higher mileage transmissions
  • Low viscosity formula for maximum fuel efficiency
  • Enhanced friction durability for smooth transmission performance

Retail Fuel Prices (December 2020)

Retail Fuel Prices (December 2020)