Performance rating: API SL, JASO MA

A premium quality multi-grade 4-stroke gasoline engine oil developed for the latest high performance air cooled 4-stroke motorcycles. It is designed with “Moly Trimer Technology” to provide optimum protection to the three (3) critical areas of the motorcycle: engine, gears and clutch.

Ultra PowerMax 4T exceeds the performance requirements for API Service Categories SL, SJ, SH and SG in fuel economy, oil consumption/emissions system protection, oxidation control and high temperature piston deposits.

Main Applications

  • All 4-stroke engines requiring an oil meeting API SL/SJ/SH/SG standards
  • All 4-stroke motorcycles with or without wet clutches including those specifying the use of a JASO MA qualified oil.

Road Benefit

  • Greater wear protection at start-up
  • Unique combination of detergents and dispersants to provide excellent control on piston deposits leading to faster heat dissipation
  • Enhanced lubrication for maximum horsepower
  • Effective rust and corrosion inhibition property ensures longer life of critical components
  • Optimized frictional properties eliminate wet clutch slippage resulting in increased power and fuel economy.

Retail Fuel Prices (December 2020)

Retail Fuel Prices (December 2020)